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Our mission is to create world class innovative software products designed to make computer use easier, faster, and more secure for individuals and enterprises around the world.

Company Overview


Nina Devani, the Founder & CEO of DevaniSoft, designed Prompt Me Nina as one of the first unique applications for smartphones and PCs. At only 14 years of Age, Nina is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the UK. Nina founded DevaniSoft in 2012 as a new software design & development company and she is specialising in the development of unique applications. With her Development partner, she is in the process of designing and launching a number of new applications that make usability of devices easier and simpler.


Prompt Me Now

With the demand of our consumer app, DevaniSoft have now launched our enterprise version, Prompt Me Now, to stop the days of employees drowning IT departments in having to reset passwords continuously. DevaniSoft together with Prompt Me Now will enable Support teams to save thousands of pounds in lost time having to deal with Password Resets due to forgotten passwords.


Prompt Me Now lets businesses save time and effort by automatically providing a prompt to give the user a hint on both their user names and passwords. Unlike password fillers who store your details, which can be unsecure, potentially unsafe and prone to hacking, we avoid you even having to disclose any of your passwords by providing you a memorable prompt selected by you for every site you add a password to. There is no need to worry about identity details being lost or stolen as each prompt is a word that means something only to you. Furthermore all prompt hints can be backed up to dropbox, to have access anytime from anywhere to your device.

Everyday users are registering passwords and usernames to a variety of different websites and very easily forget the username or password that they input. Websites and computers at present allow auto-filling of this data, making it very easy for others to access these websites if your computer, tablet or mobile is lost. PMN realise this is a big concern hence many of us do not click on “remember my password” on sites.

Prompt Me Now allows you to set up your own prompt for each username and password and pops up as you access each website.

Prompt Me Now requires no integration or infrastructure changes, and in minutes you can have your business up and running and forget the days of resetting users passwords!

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